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Anonymous asked: What do you consider 'a catch' in a woman?


Intelligence and a sense of humor is a must.  One of the things I love most about stormpickle is that we can discuss things endlessly and the topics run the gamut from the ridiculous (Girls Aloud, for example) to the intense and serious.  She’s a really smart girl who has strong views and it’s always fun hearing them.  She makes me laugh, too, which I LOVE because as a “funny” person, you can often feel like the onus is on you to be amusing all the time.  So when I find funny people who genuinely make me laugh out loud, I tend to cling to them.  Plus, if you find someone interesting, you can always, ALWAYS find something to talk about.

Compassion is also really important.  I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but I can be a *bit* needy sometimes (understatement of the year) so having a woman who understands that and handles it is perfect, really.

I could spend all day talking about this (but won’t, don’t worry) but what it comes down to for me is that a real “catch” is a woman I can be friends with as well as have a relationship with.  And in all the ways you match, the ways in which you are different are important, too.  Because when you argue - and all couples do - and the relationship part suffers, you HAVE to have something else as a bedrock.  If you genuinely like someone as a person, then it becomes easier to relate to them in a lot of ways and honestly, that’s what keeps us together, IMO.